Know who is cleaning your building – Your security is at stake


  • Full background checks on entire crew – court records; SSN confirmed; driver’s license and photo confirmed; full personality profile
  • Key security program
  • Fully insured & bonded
  • Pre-committed to BBB’s arbitration program; A-plus rating

Personnel Screening and Testing

Identity Confirmation

We require that all applicants submit a current Arizona Driver’s License (or state-issued photo ID) and Social Security card (or other proof of work eligibility).  Using technical training provided by the IMAGE program of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) we:

  • verify the authenticity of driver’s licenses, Social Security cards, and other ID
    • compare the driver’s license photo to the original via Arizona State database

Background Investigations

All personnel fully background-checked for your peace of mind

We use OMNI Legal Support Group to verify the backgrounds of all applicants; data searched include:

  • Address history based on Social Security Number, to help verify the individual and SSN
    • court records, within Arizona from Superior Court down to Justice Court level (both civil and criminal); out of state via a national criminal database and a sex offender database.

Motor Vehicle Department records

We check motor vehicle records to verify that a driver’s license is current and valid. The report also shows any outstanding traffic warrants, DUIs, frequent traffic violations, and any pattern to the type of violations. Click here to see what ID is required to apply for an Arizona Driver’s License.

Professional references interviews

We require all applicants to supply professional references. All references are interviewed to gather the most complete view of the candidate possible.

Integrity testing

Our written personality profile test, administered by Insight WorldWide™, tests for dependability, general work ethic, integrity, drug and alcohol issues, workers compensation fraud and theft.

The test provides indications of problem areas, and suggests follow-up interview questions. Applicants are quizzed on any anomalies that crop up.

We’ve found Insight’s program to be the most comprehensive and accurate of its kind.

Security log

We maintain a permanent security incident database, searchable by crew, client, date, etc., of any security-related issues to better detect patterns and head off problems before they become major. We thoroughly investigate any security questions, and fully share results with the affected client.

Photo ID

All personnel carry CBN-issued photo IDs; we will e-mail you crew photos & descriptions should an identification question arise.

Key Security

Any keys which you issue to us which are not already on security blanks are copied onto hard-to-duplicate “neuter bow” key blanks, which carry no manufacturer name or code number to telegraph the brand and type of keyway, making them difficult to duplicate.

Neuter bow keys feature a plain rectangular “high security” bow (handle) and are prominently machine-stamped “Do Not Duplicate”. We do not affix any identifying information (such as your firm name, address, or alarm code) to the key or key ring.

Should a ring of keys be lost or stolen, there will be no link to your door.

Insurance & Bonding

Liability Insurance

State Farm Insurance covers us to limits of $3,000,000 per occurrence and aggregate, including broad form, premises operations, completed operations, owner’s and contractor’s protective, non-owned auto and personal injury coverage. State Farm also covers our corporate vehicles and office.

Workers Compensation

Statutory coverage provided by Alliant Insurance Services through our employee leasing firm, Diversified Human Resources, Inc.™

Fidelity Bond

$100,000 in coverage provided by Western Surety Company™, covering any fraudulent or dishonest acts by our employees

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